In 2016, we opened Ch’i Fine Food Atelier in a small shop to raise awareness on a new concept of healthy eating.  We presented choices of healthy but tasty plant based diet.  From smoothies to salads, vegetable juices to dried foods, our small cafe was a school for us, and a comfortable location for those who wanted to eat healthy.  Since 2018, we are continuing to serve our customers in a much more spacious and relaxing environment while offering more choices in our menu.

We have a daily menu which changes every day Monday through Friday. We highly recommend you to taste these delicious vegan menus made with at least 3 different dishes.  For those who want a break from the ordinary breakfast , we offer smoothie bowls, chia pudding.  

Our atelier’s raw vegan “ch’iesecakes” along  with our cooked deserts will surprise you with the ingredients and amazing flavors.

 You can enjoy our coffee hot or cold.  For the Latte lovers, we offer plant-based milk options.

We hope to see you at our atelier to try our daily menus along with other unique food items and drinks.  To view our menu, please click on the link https://www.chifinefood.com/menuler 

To follow our events and activities please follow us on instagram and facebook.  In order to reserve a spot at our workshops, all you have to do is message us on whatsapp.  View our stories on instagram or message us on whatsapp to subscribe to hear about  the daily lunch menu.  We will send you a message every morning at 10:30 on weekdays to inform you.

Saturdays we mostly have workshops, thats why food service is not avaible. Sundays, we relax and prepare for another week filled with delicous healthy habits for our valuable customers. 

For our activities up to date click on https://www.chifinefood.com/aktiviteler

We welcome you to our whole plant-based kitchen 

 Özlem Dönmez

 Ch'i Fine Food Atelier Founding Partner